Art by Tyree Patrick

Placing an Order

I take all of my orders that are not local by email.  Attach your clear and high resolution reference and send it to with "Commission" in the subject heading.  Please be clear about what you would like.  Also, please leave all of your contact info and shipping address.  There may be a chance that I will ask for a phone number, in case I need some information that is getting lost in the translation of back and forth emails.  You can also go to the "Contact Me" page to get in touch and see other ways to reach me.  But the email will always be best.

Primarily, my focus is on making faces.  I believe this is where my strengths are and is how I can best serve you.  I don't really like to spend a lot of drawing time on the clothes and background.  The face of any portrait is the star of the show.  That is what will make any portrait most dynamic.  Of course, I am able to do more upon request. 

When choosing a reference for your drawing, it is best to have clear, in focus and high resolution close-ups of the subject.  I can only draw what I can see.  If the photo that I am to work from is unclear then the drawing will suffer for it.  Sometimes I will do the best I can.  But I always prefer to be able to do my best work for you.

What I Can Do for You.

4x6 - $60

5x7 - $80

8x10 - $100

Graphite, charcoal and mixed media portraits.

These prices are subject to change, due to circumstances of the drawing.  If you are adding an extra subject, details or have a request that will make the drawing take longer to produce, there may be additional charges.  These will be determined on a case by case basis.

Shipping is free in the continental U.S. on all orders that require USPS.  All other shipping orders will be priced accordingly.

Payment can be made by PayPal to the account under